Generative Art Conference
GA98 Papers (English and Italian language)

* introduction to GA98 proceedings book

* Argenia, a Natural Generative Design
Celestino Soddu 1998

* MACROGENESIS: Generative Design at the Urban Scale
John H. Frazer 1998

* The Artist's Intentions and Genetic Coding in Algorithmically Generated Drawings
Hans Dehlinger 1998

* An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Industrial Design Support
Ming Xi Tang 1998

* Emergence in Schema Representations
Rikva Oxman

* There is a universal grammar for visual composition!
Peter Stebbing 1998

Enrica Colabella 1998

* Consequences for practical aesthetics and for aesthetical theory of the insertion of principles from quantum theory in cellular automata.
Philp Van Loocke 1998

* MICROGENESIS. The Architect as Toolmaker: Computer-Based Generative Design Tools and Methods
Cristiano Ceccato 1998

* The ideological basis of generative expression in design
Mirja Kalvianen 1998

* From Ramon Llull to Image Idea Generation
Owen F. Ransen 1998

* Collage, Technology, and Creative Process
Penny Feuerstein 1998

* The Genetic Code of Drawing: A systemic - functional approach to the semiotics of visual language
Howard Riley 1998

* Designing the Undesigned: Emergence as a tool for design
Michael Pontecorvo 1998

* Evolutionary Banners, exploring a generative design approach
Richard Gatarski 1998

* The Nagual Experiment
Mauro Annunziato 1998

* Atomic Revolution: Electron Orbital Model Based on The Vector Equilibrium or A Classical View of the Atom as a Tensegrity Structure
Edward Suzuki 1998

* Design methodology in higher education and the role of generative approaches to problem solving.
David Hartwell 1998