Evol, Punani Series Live


Roc Jimenez de Cisneros

Anna Ramos

Barcelona, Spain

Evol is a computer music unit formed in 1996 by Roc Jimenez  de Cisneros and Anna Ramos in Barcelona. Their recordings and  performances explore the many sides of digital noise and algorithmic  composition. Harsh and bloody trips along the most extreme path of  computer music, putting together sonic brutality, crazy algebra,  fractal structures and a slight ironic touch.

Evol's musical outcome has been featured in top record labels such as  Mego (Austria), Fals.ch (Austria), Scarcelight Recordings (USA),  Diskono (UK), Antifrost (Greece), Lucky Kitchen (USA-Spain) and their  own home label, Alku. The Barcelona duo has played in festivals,  museums, galleries and club events all over Europe and the United  States.

"Magia Potagia", their latest record for the Vienna-based label Mego,  is a document of the work Evol have been doing within the field of  algorithmic composition for the past three years. It features three  tracks from two different periods, all of them 100% computer- generated and almost no edited at all, to preserve their fractal  nature. The first track, "Punani Potagia", is part of their acclaimed  Punani series, which is now the central part of their work. The next  chapter of this series (to be published in US label Scarcelight) will  feature a rendering from Casey Reas "Hairy Red" in the cover.

"Punani Series Live" is a series of live performances of generative  audio (using Pure Data, Max/MSP and custom software) for two  computers, where Evol experiment even further in their self-similar  generative Punani pieces. The results of these unpredictable  performances is usually recorded to eventually become part of the  Punani CDs.