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how to submit the abstract of your contribution,
paper/poster/artwork/installation/live-performance to
the 27th GENERATIVE ART Conference
organized by the Generative Art and Design Lab, ARGENIA Association, Rome, Italy
(we are planning to run the GA2024 in presence. The location is in Venice)

If you like, you can send your proposal in advance and you will have the acceptance letter in two weeks

download the GA2024 Abstracts and Papers template

Write your abstract and rename it as yourname.doc and make a .pdf file as yourname.pdf

send the documents .pdf and .doc files to the Chairs of GA conferences GA Chairs
with an email having as subject "GA2024" and with the files in attachment.
if your proposal is accepted (double review) please send, by using the same template, your paper or long text regarding the artworks, installations and live performances. These texts will be inserted in the proceedings that will be printed in a (paper) book, with ISBN number, in time for the conference.

Thank you so much for your contribution to the next Generative Art conference.
If you like to receive an official invitation letter soon, please let us know in your email, and we will run the review process asap for sending you the letter when it will be completed