Politecnico di Milano University
11/14 December 2001
  11/15 Dec. 2001 - 10.00 AM / 7:00 PM
Exhibition Hall of Architecture Faculty
• Exhibition GA2000

11 Dec. 2001 - 5:00 PM
Exhibition Hall of Architecture Faculty
• Registration Desk
• Welcome Cocktail

12 December, 9:30, Aula Rogers
• "Welcome to GA2001"
Papers presentation
• "Generative natural flux", Celestino Soddu, Milan Polytechinc University, Italy
• "Hitchhiking through a maze of transformations and filters with a bag of data", Hans Dehlinger, Kassel University, Germany
• "Dust, Plates & Blobs", Paul S. Coates AA Dipl with: Tom Appels MSc B.Arch, Corinna Simon MSc B.Arch, Christian Derix MSc B.Arch. CECA (Centre for Environment & Computing in Architecture) University of East London, Stratford London UK

• "Drawing as transformation: From Primary Geometry to Secondary Geometry", Howard Riley, Swansea Institute, University of Wales, UK
• "Morpheus - emergent music", John Eacott, Sound Media Research Group,University of Westminster, London, UK
• "Organic visualisation of high-dimensional objects: exploration of a world of forms based on heart transform", Philip Van Loocke, University of Gent, Belgium
• "Performing evocations" , Enrica Colabella, Milan Polytechinc University, Italy

• "Interactive Evolutionary Design in a Hierarchical Way", K.H. Chan, J. Frazer, M.X. Tang, Design Technology Research Centre, School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
• "Foundations of Generative Art:Systems - a hybrid survey and studio class for graduate students", Philip Galanter, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University, USA
• "ArtiE-Fract : Interactive Evolution of Fractals", Jonathan Chapuis, Evelyne Lutton, INRIA - Projet Fractales, France
• "Integration: Master [Planner | Programmer | Builder]", Cristiano Ceccato, Gehry Partners LLP, Santa Monica, California, USA.

Installations Presentation
• "The Infinite Window", Ben Piper, Tangible Media Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab., Stoffel Kuenen, ID-StudioLab, School of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft.
• "NewZoid", Daniel Young, Newzoid, USA
• "dyad - sonic visual improvisations" and "Revision History", Jonny deKam, Dyad, USA
• "Urban genodiffuser", Massimo Fontana, Francesco Deriu, ProgettoapertO, University of Architecture, Firenze, Italy
• "Blip", Marianne Selsjord, Norway
• Martin Howse, Artificial Paradises, London, UK
• Mark Goulthorpe, dECOi Architects, France
• Patrick Lichty, UK
• "Virtual Exhibitions: How to put the gallery on-line?", Roberta Buiani, Dept Art History, York University, Toronto, Canada
• "Swamp: A Wireless Interactive Narrative", Rodrigo Caballero, New Media Design Programme, Bell h@bitat/Canadian Film Centre, Canada
• "Generative Visual Music - Listen", Sergio Maltagliati, Italy
• "Babel", Simon Biggs, Art and Design Research Centre, School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
• "Amorphoscapes", Stanza, UK
• Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Thailland
• Simone Merli, UK
• Umberto Roncoroni, Faculty of Art and Graphic Design of the USIL University, Peru'
• "Generative approach and quality, new naturality and complexity"
12 December, 20:00, Conference Dinner
13 December, 9:30, Aula Rogers
Papers presentation
• "Self-organization and beauty", Giuseppe Caglioti, Milan Polytechinc University, Italy
• "InstrumentAll: a Virtual Instrument", Artemis Moroni, Jτnatas Manzolli, Alaide Mammana, ITI - Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia da Informaηγo, Brazil
• "Perfect Distribution Phenomenon and the origin of the spacetime harmony" , Volodymyr Riznyk, Scientific Center TIKON, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
• "Beyond tha math visualization. Geometrica and Stochastica", Yoshiyuki Abe, Japan

• "Cunning Crafts or Poetic Place-Making? Towards a Historiography of Generative Art", Gregory Caicco, Department of Architecture, Arizona State University
• "The Virtual Forest: Integrating VRML Worlds and Generative Music", Martin Dupras, Research Associate, Faculty of Art, Media and Design, Nadezda Brkljac, Faculty of Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol (UK)
• "Learning and contamination in virtual worlds", Mauro Annunziato, Piero Pierucci, Plancton Art Studio, Italy
• "Sound and Graphics in CSoundAV", Gabriel Maldonado, Composer, Italy

• "Artefacts of Distributed Agency", Tim Barrass, School of Creative Arts, Melbourne University, Australia
• "Teaching Generative Design", Thomas Fischer, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Christiane M. Herr, University of Hong Kong
• "Anamorphic perspective and Illusory Architecture ", Tomαs Garcνa Salgado, Faculty of Architecture/ UNAM, Mexico
• "The darwinian structure of the design process", Riccardo Antonini, Universita' di Roma 3, Italy
Posters and Artworks presentation
• "Il sogno di Eliza", Angelo Comino, Italy
• "chaos versus business", Claudio Parrini, fERRYbYTE, Strano Network and Undo.Net, Italy
• "Educational approach" and "superstudio", Ed Annink, Ontwerpwerk, The Netherlands
• "CCA [Communication Center for Architecture]", Furio Barzon & Carlo Costa,, Italy
• "Phonoscopy", Greg Giannis, Australia
• "Complex topology in euclidean space", Juricic Bruno, Croatia
• "Genius Bodybuilder", Martin Schneider, Germany
• "generative 2D contaminations", Matteo Codignola, Milan Polytechnic University, Italy
• "Dwelling units in the city", Nishikori Maya, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan
• "Consumption processes in virtual communities", Paolo Dell'Aquila, Sociology and Social Policies, University of Bologna,Italy
• "Generative interaction tool", Riccardo Casula, Milan Polytechinc University, Italy
• "Rifrazioni", Salvo Portuese, Italy
• "Artworks", Soban Bogdan, Slovenja
• "Art, music and poetry"
13 December, 20:00, Aula Magna S01, Performances
• John Eacott, Sound Media Research Group, University of Westminster, London, UK
• Gabriel Maldonado, Enrica Colabella, Celestino Soddu, Maria Grazia Sarandrea, "Hora unlimited interaction", Italy
• Luca Tanzini, "Milano: la citta' che saliva", Universitΰ di Siena, Italy
• Michael Edward Edgerton, Composer, and Rebekka Uhlig, voice, Berlin, Germany
14 December, 9:30, Aula Rogers
Papers presentation
• "Organic-inorganic. The body: the displaced interface", Franco Torriani, ArsLab, Torino, Italy
• "Self-design and ontogenetic evolution", Pablo Miranda Carranza, Interactive Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
• "The Influence of Nonlinear Dynamics and Scaling of Multidimensional Parameter Spaces in Instrumental, Vocal and Electronic Composition", Michael Edward Edgerton, Technischen Universitδt Berlin, Germany
• "Cellular automata and algorithmic visual creation", Bernard Caillaud, France

• "Further Automatic Breakbeat Cutting Methods", Nick Collins, Research Fellow, Middlesex University, UK
• "Communicating Generic Process. Some Issues of Representation Related to Architectural Design", Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic, School of Architecture, UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

• "Face Recognizing Robot (An AI Approach)", Singh S.K., Vatsa Mayank, Singh Richa, Dept. Of Computer Sc. & Engg, Instt. Of Engg. & Technology, Purvanchal University, Jaunpur U.P., India
• "Defects Defined by Form Making Method for Improving Generative Design System", Chak Chan Lewis, China
• "Architecture, Design and Communication."
• "Final Discussion on Generative Art and Design: The incoming scenarios"
14 December, 20:00, Aula Magna S01, Performances
• Jan Jacob Hofmann, Germany
• Nick Collins, Research Fellow, Middlesex University, UK
• Rod Caballero, Canada