"...Ars sine scientia nihil est", Jean Mignot, 1392
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Generative Art is the idea realized as a genetic code of artificial events, as the construction of dynamic complex systems able to generate endless variations.
Each Generative Project is a concept-software that works producing unique and non-repeatable events, like music, images, or 3D Objects, as possible and manifold expressions of the generating idea strongly recognizable as a vision belonging to an artist/designer/musician/architect/mathematician. The generative Idea / human-creative-act makes an unpredictable, amazing, and endless expansion of human creativity. We can create species of events with a recognizable identity, following our vision. Computers are simply tools for storage in memory and execution.
This approach opens a new era in Art, Design, and Composition: the challenge is a new naturalness of the artificial event as a mirror of Nature. Variations, like in Bach music, are the best strong communication of the Idea. Once more man emulates Nature, as in the act of making art.
This approach suddenly opened the possibility to rediscover possible fields of human creativity that would be unthinkable without computer tools. If these tools, at the beginning of the computer era, seemed to extinguish human creativity, today, with the generative approach, directly operates on codes of Harmony and codes of Identity. They become tools that open new fields and enhance our understanding of creativity as an indissoluble synthesis between art and science.
After two hundred years of the old industrial era of necessarily cloned objects, music, architectures, communications the one-of-a-kind object becomes an essential answer to emergent contemporary aesthetical needs.

Celestino Soddu
Enrica Colabella
Chairs of Generative Art Conferences

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