GA 2020

GA conferences, held annually from 1998, are financed by the participants.
  • in GA conferences there are not invited/keynote speakers. All participants will present their work in only one main session. This is one of the reasons for limited acceptations.
  • Authors, people presenting Papers, Posters, Artworks, Installations and Performances have to pay a fees as contribution to the conference expenses. (paper) book of proceedings, location and other expenses that will be defined asap.
  • People can attend to the conference for free. If they like to have the book of proceedings they have to pay for the related cost, They must register in the related webpage starting from the 9th of August.
  • In any case no people can have financial supports from the GA conference.
  • All contributions will be reviewed. If the (paper/poster/artworks/installation/performance) proposal has been accepted by the scientific committee, you can ask to the Conference Chair to send you an official invitation letter for getting funds from other entities or, if necessary, for getting the visa. In this case you can send your proposal in advance for having the acceptance and the official invitation letter in advance by the scientific committee.
  • The proceedings will be available, in time for the conference, as (paper) book with ISBN number.
    (will be available starting from 9th of August)

    if you need information please send an e-mail to Celestino Soddu