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Celestino Soddu   opening GA2008 Politecnico di Milano University Italy  
A. van der Zee - Bauke de Vries abstract Design by computation Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands paper
Anthony Viscardi  abstract “REBAR” : making the ordinary-extraordinary - Arms, Wings and Mechanical Things (poster) Department of Art and Architecture, Lehigh University US paper + poster
Carlos Aguilar - Hod Lipson abstract SEURAT: robotic painter Cornell University, Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering US paper + artwork
Celestino Soddu abstract Alive Codeness Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University Italy paper
Christian Kerrigan abstract The 200 year continuum Architect UK paper
Daniel Bisig - Martin Neukom abstract Swarm Based Music - Towards a Repertory of Strategies Zurich University of the Arts Switzerland paper + installation
Enrica Colabella abstract Generative Art Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University Italy paper
Gail Kenning abstract Exploring Evolutionary Possibilities for Digital Doilies College of Fine Arts Australia paper
Hector Rodriguez abstract Kinematograph City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong paper
Hela Ben Maallem - Paul Richard - Jean-Louis Ferrier abstract Can computer-aided Design be considered as Art or a Technique or Mathematics?  University of Tunis - University of Angers Tunisia-France paper
Hsiao Chun-Shuo - Liou Shuenn-Ren abstract Generating Architectural Envelope through Mathematica  Tunghai University, Department of Architecture Taiwan paper
Iro Laskari abstract The Generative Audiovisual Narrative system National & Kapodistrian University of Athens Greece paper
Jan Kubasiewicz abstract The Language of Motion in the Context of Dynamic Media Dynamic Media Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston US paper
Jean-Paul Courchia  - Righini M. - Courchia B. abstract The “Accusing Glance”: Change In Eye Movements During The Observation Of A Van Gogh’s Painting Before And After Artistic Information On The Work Of Art. Saint-Joseph’s Hospital. Dpt of Ophthalmology - Ben-Gurion University France paper
John Frazer - Gu Yan abstract A Generative Nervous System for the Planet Head of School of Design - Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering
Queensland University of Technology Brisbane - Melbourne School of Design
Australia paper
Marie-Pascale Corcuff  abstract Chance and Generativity Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne France paper
Morteza Yamani abstract The achievement of paper’s high relief pattern through the application of heat, grain direction and releasing the strength of  fibres. University of Tehran  Iran paper
Nick Spratt abstract Encouraging idleness – the networked screensaver Unitec School of Design New Zealand paper
Oday Qussay Al-chalabi - Talaat  I. Alaane abstract The bases of generative Tomb in Islamic Architecture University of Mosul, Department of Architecture Iraq paper
Peter Beyls  abstract On-line Development of Man-Machine Relationships: Motivation-driven Musical Interaction. University of Plymouth - University College Ghent Belgium paper
Philip Galanter abstract : What is Complexism? Generative Art and the Cultures of Science and the Humanities Texas A&M University, Department of Visualization, College or Architecture US paper
Renato Saleri Lunazzi - Marian Janda  abstract GRUE: Génération régulée pour un urbanisme environmental Laboratoire MAP aria UMR CNRS 694 - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon - INterland  France paper
Romain Clair - Nicolas Monmarché - Mohamed Slimane abstract Interactions between an artificial colony of musical ants and an impaired human composer: towards accessible generative arts. Université François Rabelais Tours, Laboratoire d'informatique France paper
Tatsuo Unemi - Daniel Bisig abstract A generative remixing of music tracks based on an interactive swarm Soka University - Zurich University of the Arts  Switzerland - Japan paper + installation
Ted & Susan Carden abstract Mnemonic Descriptors as Generative Principles in Digital Type Northumbria University School of Design - Glasgow School of Art and Design UK paper
Tim Ireland  abstract Sniffing space University College London (UCL), UK paper
Enrica Colabella - Celestino Soddu - Su Stentu abstract in tundu tundu, ad continuum Generative Design Lab, Politecnicio di Milano University; Su Stentu, Serramanna Italy performance
Dev Paramanik abstract New Rhythms of Pattern: Generating textile print patterns through motion-sensing technology   College of Art Design & Built Environment UK poster
Celestino Soddu abstract Ad continuum following the invention of G.B. Piranesi Generative Design Lab, Politecnicio di Milano University Italy poster
Maria Ludovica Tramontin - Alessandro Uras  abstract From to digital to fabrication: an academic experience at the University of Cagliari University of Cagliari - Pratt Institute (NY) Italy poster
Chiara Geroldi abstract Force & Geometry Delft University of Technology, Department of Hyperbody  Netherlands poster
Aldo Fagà abstract Sistemi Ecolutivi Achitecture Faculty of Siracusa, University of Catania, Italy Italia short paper
Chen Chih-Wei abstract Visual-communication representative system National Yunlin University of science &technology, Department of computational design, Taiwan short paper
Hua Hao - Li Biao -  Zhang Hong  abstract Self-adaptation to High Density Based on Sunlight Analysis Southeast University, Nanjing China short paper
Hua Hao - Li Biao - Lu Yu  -  abstract Generative Tool for Courtyard Pattern Southeast University, Nanjing China short paper
Lee Wan-Jhen - Chien Sheng-Fen abstract A Generative Knowledge base System for Paper Packaging design National Yunlin University of science &technology, Department of computational design, Taiwan short paper
Liao Hsiu-Ting  abstract Concept Gradual Change with Shape Grammar National Yunlin University of science &technology, Department of computational design, Taiwan short paper
Maria Ludovica Tramontin - Vittorio Tramontin  abstract Generative Features: a Parametric Approach for exploring novel potential in Architectural Design Process University of Cagliari - Pratt Institute (NY) Italy short paper
Xu Ze Wei abstract De Code: A Generative System for Decorative Pattern Design National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Taiwan short paper
Heloisa Helena da Fonseca Carneiro Leão abstract Is It Possible That Aesthetics Actions Promote Habit Changes And Tinge the World With A New Color? Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo Brazil short paper
Terrie Man Chi Cheung - Brian Sze Hang Kwok abstract McSoundscape – A Soundscape Project to Represent The Spatial Identity of McDonald Restaurants In Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Cultural & Religious Studies, Visual Culture Studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong short paper + artwork
Giuseppe Marinelli - Mauro Palatucci abstract The future and the process of becoming: Reversiblity or Irreversiblity in the process between generative patterns and emerging factors ISIA Roma Design Italia short paper + poster
HengFeng Zuo, Mark Jones abstract Texture: Visual Vs Tactile, Micro Vs Macro School of Design, Southampton Solent University UK short paper + poster
Mehrdad Garousi
abstract Travelling through an infinite loop of planets Fractal artist Iran artwork
Sofia Oliveira - Jared Hawkey abstract TODAY – Mobile Application by CADA – artwork Lisbon Portugal artwork installation
Laurel Johannesson abstract Respiro Alberta College of Art & Design Canada artwork installation
Jeanne Criscola abstract Tech_no_logica Quinnipiac University School of Communications US artwork installation
Jennifer Kincaid abstract SIX FACTORIAL TIMES FOUR TO THE SIXTH artist US artwork installation
Paul Kirby
  presentation of his artwork made with robots   US attending the conference
Linda Chiu-han Lai
  participating to discussions School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong HK attending the conference
Tamara Lai  abstract no future baby? Artist Belgium web installation
Anabela Costa abstract LIQST_liquid state Artist Portugal movie
David Gladstein abstract FF— San Francisco US movie