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GA 2010 – XIII Generative Art Conference, 15- 17 December 2010, Milan, Italy
Celestino Soddu (Editor) Cover and Index of GA2010 Proceedings Domus Argenia Publisher ISBN 978-88-96610-06-0
P A P E R S:
Aant van der Zee, Bauke de Vries Energy consumption as design principle re-investigated Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Alain Lioret Galatema : A Framework for Generative Cinema Université Paris VIII France
Alan Dunning, Paul Woodrow Machine imagination: closed eye hallucination and the Ganzfeld effect Alberta College of Art + Design, University of Calgary Canada
Alberto de Campo Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum. Modelling deep sea communication collaboratively Universität der Künste Berlin Germany
Anthony Viscardi WITH DRAWING: to see if you see what you see Lehigh University US
Bassey Ndon Computer generative art: painting experience University of Uyo Nigeria
Betül Tuncer,
Sinan Mert Sener
“Mirror(er)” as a Plug-in for Urban Design Doğuş University Turkey
Celestino Soddu Curved spacetime perspective as generative engine. Intersubjectivity & Contrapunctus Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano Italy
Cui Jia, Ming Xi Tang Chinese pattern design using generative shape grammar The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
Daniel Bisig and Tatsuo Unemi Cycles - Blending Natural and Artificial Properties in a Generative Artwork Zurich University of the Arts, Soka University Switzerland, Japan
Enrica Colabella Sensus communis Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano Italy
Hector Rodriguez Flowpoints: A Generative Image Creation Method Using Optical Flow City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hyeri Rhee,
Moonryul Jung
Programmed life: Evolutionary Imagery of Data Visualization with Aesthetic Moods in terms of Genetic Algorithm Sogang University,
Structural Optimisation as a means for exploring design alternatives.
Jian You Li The Parametric Sketch in the Conceptual Stage of Industrial Design Politecnico di Milano University Italy
Karina Moraes Zarzar Innovation, Identity and Sustainability in H.P. Berlage’ Stock Exchange TUDelft The Netherlands
Katja Knecht;
Reinhard König
Generating floor plan layouts with K-D tree algorithms and evolutionary strategies Bauhaus-University Weimar Germany
Kenny K. N. Chow, D. Fox Harrell Embodied Generative Visual Renku: Metaphors through interactions
Coding Landscapes, Crossing Metaphors
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, MIT Hong Kong, US
Laurel Johannesson Acqua del Velluto Sospesa ~ Interactive Video Painting University of Calgary; Alberta College of Art + Design Canada
Luis Alfonso de la Fuente Suarez Architectural Complexity: Hiding the Underlying Order Polytechnic University of Catalonia Spain
Marie-Pascale Corcuff Forms,shapes, diagrams, and generative processes Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne France
Mario Verdicchio Generative vs Non-Generative Art in the Verification of the Institutional Stance University of Bergamo Italy
Martha Gelarden Separated at Birth: A Secret Conversation Moore College of Art and Design, 3D Fine Art, Philadelphia US
Mehrdad Garousi, Mehdi Damali Amiri, Firouzeh Akbari, Hamed Akbari Incendia and fractal architecture + artwork Seven pointed star artists, Bu-Ali Sina University Iran
Michele Emmer The Idea of Space, from Topology to Virtual Architecture University of Roma “la sapienza” Italy
Miguel Carvalhais Towards a model for artificial aesthetics University of Porto Portugal
Myrto Theodoraki Flows of movement: intensities, singularities and attractors as event generators’ National Technical University of Athens Greece
N.Onur Sonmez, I. Sevil Sariyildiz, Arzu Erdem

Automated evaluation and generation of graphic arrangements through adaptive evolution Istanbul Technical University, Delft University of Technology Turkey, The Netherlands
Nikolay Popov Exploring Architectural Possibilities with Flocking Algorithms. Unitec Institute of
New Zealand
Philip Galanter Complexity, Neuroaesthetics, and Computational Aesthetic Evaluation Texas A&M University US
Robert Spahr Generative Art from Digital Leftovers or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CRUFT
American Dream Cycle
Southern Illinois University Carbondale US
Sana Murrani
Architecture of generative situations University of Plymouth UK
Silvia Titotto,
Clice Mazzilli,
Carlo Ostorero
Bionic textiles University of Sao Paulo, Politecnico di Torino Brazil, Italy
Takao Kobayashi Contents creation system using pattern recognition Technology Tokyo University of
Agriculture and Technology
Tatsu Unemi A Breeding Tool for Abstract Animations and Its Applications Soka University Japan
Y. Fang Generative Method in Traditional Chinese Garden Design Tongji University, Shanghai China
Alberto de Campo Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum. Universität der Künste Berlin Germany
Alison Clifford, Graeme Truslove Substratum: audiovisual artwork University of the West of Scotland/ Glasgow School of Art UK
Enrica Colabella, Celestino Soddu Posters of Generative Design Course and Lab Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano Italy
Gaganjit Singh Polyhedra morphologies and drawing machines artist India
Isabela Ferrante, Silvia Titotto Moebius room University of Sao Paulo, Politecnico di Torino Brazil, Italy
Mark-David Hosale An Uncommon Affair At Tooting Bec Common artist The Netherlands
Mehrdad Garousi Seven pointed star artist Iran
Kazushi Mukaiyama WAVO: an interactive ball to express light waves with Wave equation Future University
Libero Acerbi The wave particle of Art
Manuel A. Baez The Phenomenological garden Carleton University Canada
Maris Cacka Design ideas in the context of design tendencies in Latvia of DU students Daugavpiuls University Latvia
Sujin Lee Time visualization by Other I’s Sogang University Seoul
South Korea
Jason M. Reizner Quadruplicity Drinks Procrastination Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Germany
Dzenbii African Percussion Voices and sounds of Africa in Visionary Variations
André Rangel, Anne-Kathrin Siegel SoLu Hiperinstrument Universidade Católica
Portuguesa, University of Porto
Fernanda Nardy Bellicieri, Hânia Cecília Pilan The road: Passengers Mackenzie University Brazil
Florian Gruber, Nikolaus Hartmann, Thomas Lorenz Infection AmbientArtLab Austria
Lucas Kuzma SPUNK
Giuseppe Caglioti, Marco Marcon, Tatiana Tchouvileva The PiezoMusiColor Project Politecnico di Milano University Italy
Yota Morimoto s0: cellular automata audio-visual performance University of
Birmingham, Institute of Sonology
UK, The Netherlands
note: all papers are protected. It's possible to read, extract sentences and images but it's not possible to print the documents.
If you like to have the full proceedings e-book without limitations go to the bookshop.