GA2012 – XV Generative Art Conference, Lucca, Italy, 2012

country affiliation title

C.Soddu, E.Colabella open Italy Chairs of GA2012 opening

Alan Dunning paper Canada Alberta College of Art + Design, University of Calgary Doppelganger: a technological ghost

Alec Groysman paper Israel ORT Braude College of Engineering, Karmiel Abstraction in Art, Science, Technology and Engineering

Basak Ucar paper Turkey Ted University, Ankara Constant Redefinition of Boundaries in Responsive
Environments: Unpredictability and Boredom as Provoking

Boris Magrini paper Switzerland University of Zurich Can and should generative art be political?

Bridget Baird, Andrea Wollensak paper US Connecticut College, New London OBSTACLE/FLOW: interactive presence project

Celestino Soddu paper poster Italy Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University; Domus Argenia Center, Generative Art Lab Logics of Imagination. Generative Art performs the Artist Style as Executable Process

Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio paper Switzerland Zurich University of the Arts STOCOS – Dance in a Synergistic Environment

Derya Gulec Ozer, Sinan Mert Sener, Cagri Zaman paper Turkey, US ITU, Informatics Department, TURKEY - MIT Media Lab, MA,USA Optimization of user accessibility using genetic algoritm: aDA

Dmitry Weise paper Russia International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry Phyllotaxis of the vatican pigna

Elif Belkıs ÖKSÜZ, Gülen ÇAĞDAŞ paper Turkey Istanbul Technical University Simulating the organization of multi-cellular organisms within the framework of spatial relations in architecture

Enrica Colabella paper poster Italy Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University; Domus Argenia Center, Generative Art Lab Rhythm in Generative Art. Poster: Generative Art Criteria

Ferhan Kiziltepe paper artw Turkey artist A brief essay onto JoeL- Peter Witkin from symmetry perspective + artwork: Two sculptures from inside of noneuclid space

Guzden Varinlioglu, Yekta Ipek, Gulen Cagdas paper Turkey Istanbul Technical University Visualisation of Archaeological Data Using Voronoi Diagrams

Igor Peteh paper Croatia University of Zagreb The art of transcription + performance: Madrigals and Motets

Jean-Paul Courchia, Guigui Sarah, Courchia Benjamin paper France Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Dpt of Ophthalmology. Marseille; Ben Gurion Univ Israel; The unit of vision: the concept of opsieme

Karina Moraes Zarzar paper The Netherlands Delft University of Technology and the Haagse Hogeschool Jan Jans’ Iconographic Regionalism in The Netherlands

Mahnaz Shah paper UK Cardiff Metropolitan University Le Corbusier’s Potato Building Typology 1962-65

Maria Kerkidou, Anastasia Pechlivanidou-Liakata paper Greece National Technical University of Athens Spatial formations of interacting agents

Marie-Pascale Corcuff paper France ENSAB, GRIEF From labyrinths and recursive folds towards generative architecture

Michele Leigh paper US Southern Illinois University Carbondale Animated Music: Early Experiments with Generative Art

Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud, paper UK Bournemouth University; Musion Systems Ltd Generative Art - Interactive Art: Delineations, Crossovers and Differences

Peter Beyls paper artw Belgium University College Ghent Autonomy, influence and emergence in an audiovisual ecosystem + installation:PETRI

Philip Galanter paper artw US Texas A&M University Generative Art after Computers + artwork: TSP Analytics: solver

Phillip Hermans paper US Dartmouth College Computer Modelling and Analysis of Goal-Oriented Acoustic Music Compositions

Quinsan Ciao abstr China Tongji University, Shanghai

Remi Ronfard, Quentin Doussot
paper France Université de Grenoble Generating 3D Scenes in the style of Keith Haring

Robert Spahr paper perf US Southern Illinois University Carbondale Generative Processes Resulting in CRUFT: Experiments in Indeterminism, Feedback and Mindfulness + performance

Silvia Titotto, Clice Mazzilli paper Brazil University of Sao Paulo Floating Transgenesis

Simon Schofield paper UK Nottingham Trent University An approach to creating very large, high resolution artistic printed images

Sonja Nikolic abstr Croatia The Rugjer Boškovic Institute, Zagreb Generative Art of Nature – Molecules

Stanislav Roudavski, Gwyllim Jahn paper Australia University of Melbourne Emergent Materiality through
an Embedded Multi-Agent System + artwork: Freeze-Volume Perceptions: Seeing Dynamic Architectural Systems through Static 3D Prints

Tatsuo Unemi paper instal Japan Soka University Synthesis of sound effects for generative animation. Installation: A fully automated evolutionary art

Valery Vermeulen paper perf Belgium University of Ghent The EMO-Synth, an intelligent music and image generator directed by human emotion + liveperformance: Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth

Yekta Ipek, Guzden Varinlioglu, Gulen Cagdas
paper Turkey Istanbul Technical University An alternative approach to structural optimisation in generative design

Alettia Vorster Chisin poster South Africa Cape Peninsula University of Technology The social designer: a narrative vignette of lived experience in design teaching and supervision

Anna Chupa artw US Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Anna Ursyn artw US University of Northern Colorado, Greeley Timetable, …

Anthony Viscardi poster US Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania BIO-STRUCTURAL ANALOGIES:

Dai Juren, Li Dezhao poster China University of Tongji Parametric design in representation of culture

Julie Clarke artw Australia The University of Melbourne The Body and the City

Laurence Gartel artw US artist

Massimo Gasperini artw Italy artist Spirals from a board

Mehrdad Garousi artw Iran freelance artist Let Me Go

Shih-Ting Tsai artw Taiwan University of Tatung The Interior

Malgorzata Dancewicz, Krzysztof Pawlik perf Poland Inire re-membering re-called

Marco Cardini perf Italy artist PAGe of light